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王醫塾主宰 医道家 王醫仙

日本董氏針灸学会 龍門針灸 王醫塾代表
王醫仙針灸院 院長

1962年 台湾道教宗家医道家元に生まれる
2004年 王醫塾設立
2005年 董師正経奇穴針灸学を出版
2019年 董師正経奇穴針灸学【絡刺編】を出版

初代目 故王鶚氏は清朝時代、乾隆皇帝(1711~1799)の主侍医
八代目 故祖父 王清溪氏は台湾中医師学会を創設
十代目 王醫仙


①痛証  ②不妊症  ③美容

Yixian(Wang Tai-long)
Curriculum Vitae

1962 Born in aTaiwan Taoist medical family
2004 Established Wang Acupuncture Medical School
2005 Published Tung’s Acupoint Acupuncture Meridians

※ Wang’s Ancestors
Wang Yixian belongs to the tenth generation of the Wang Family that is known
for its contribution to Chinese Medicine. Wang Ospreys (the first generation)
was the primary physician of the Qing Dynasty’s Emperror Qian Long (1711-1799).
Wang Qingxi-shi (the eight generation) ,Yixian’s grandfather, is the founder of the
Taiwan Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Wang Yixian’s Personal History of Chinese Medicine

At the age of six, I entered the world of Taoist Medicine, in which I learned the basis
of medical knowledge. From the very beginning, I have been deeply interested in Chinese Medicine.
This is partly because of my family environment where traditional Chinese culture was always
emphasized and revered. All the children of my family were encouraged to study and immerse
themselves into the various facts embedde in the Chinese rich heritage from the past.
It is also a result of my masters’ firm foundation and strong aspirasion for Chinese Medical Learning.
I have learnt the art of Chinese Medicine from many leaders of this area since chidhood.
The late Dr. Tung Ching-chang, the first master of Chineseacupuncture and the primary physician
of Chiang Kai-shek, directly passed me down the treatment method of Tung Qi Points.
Dr.Li Fu-chen,the founder of Taiwan First Medical College of Pharmacy, taught me the Book of Changes in person,
while Professor You Zhu-ceng, ChineseKampo doctor, also personally transferred the treatise on Febrile Diseases to me.
Likewise, Taoist Masters taught me the method of Taoism that was handed down from age to age.
I also Learned Dan Initiation (Dao Guanding) from Long Yuan Hung and Yuen Long-zhenren.
Amoug my knowledge and skills are: Taoist Inner Alchemy, Yi Dao Feng Shui, Acupuncture Prescription,
and Taoist Breathing Exercises(Qigong Dao Yin)

1 resume
2 a biographic sketch
3 Brief biographical data
4 curriculum vitate
5 Wang’s personal history or background
1. I was born in a Taiwan Taoist medical family in 1962.
2. I graduated from the depertment of traditional chinese medicine in China.
Fujian traditional chinese medicine college in 1986.
Then I obtained a diploma as a physician of Chinese Medicine.
3. I enrolled in Wu Zhu medicical scool, Tokyo Institute of Medicine in 1988.
4. I graduated from Wu Zhu medical school, Tokyo.
Institute of medicine in 1991. There I obtained the qualification for practitioner
of acupuncture and Moxbustion. Then I got the national qualification of
5. I took advance study in the graduate school of acupuncture and massage
teacher training in Wuzhu medicial school in 1993.
In the same year, I opened Wang Acupuncture medical clinic.
6. I established the Wang Acupuncture medical school in 2004.
7. I publshed Tong’s acupoint acupuncture meridians in 2005.
8. First Generation
The deceased Wang Ospreys was the primary physician of the Qing Dynasty
emperor Qian Long (1711~1799)
9. Eighth Generation:
The deceased grand father, Wang Qingxi shi, was the first man to establish
Taiwan traditional Chinese Medicine institure.
10. Tenth Generation
The tenth generation in Wang Yixian.

I entered the Taoist medicine world at the age of six.
I have learned the art of chinese medicine from many leaders of this area
from child hood.
I have been directly passed down the treatment method of Tong Qi points
from the late Dr.Ching Chang Tong who was the first peaple that owned China
acupuncture master and also the primary physician of Chiang Kai Shek.
In addition, from the fownder of Taiwan first medical college of pharmacy
China medical college, Dr.Li fu Chen made direct teaching book, the book
of changes.
I was direct transferred the treation on Febile Diseases by China kampo doctor,
professor You zhe ceng.
I have learned the method of Taoism from the Taoism master which was handed
down from age to age.
In addition. I learned Dan Dao Guanding from Long Yuan Hung and Yuen Long
I have acguired the skills of Taoist inner alchemy, Yi Dao Feng shui, geomancy,
Acupuncture prescription and Qigong dao Yim